• THE LATEST ID CHOCOLATE COIN IMPRINTER, the SA1400 which produces up to 1400 coins per hour  is semi-automatic and has a 6 digit counter and an adjustable dwell for superior imprinting.
  • Imprint CHOCOLATE COINS in any quantity with the ID CHOCOLATE COIN IMPRINTER. The imprinter stamps 1.5 inch coins (both sides simultaneously).
  • The ID CHOCOLATE COIN IMPRINTER works on a pneumatic principal and requires an air compressor (not included) and a standard 110 volt electrical outlet.   We will be happy to provide specifications and recommendations on request.
  • Custom coin imprinting dies are available from Bauer Engraving Company in Rancho Cordova, California  with a 2 to 4 day turnaround for $38.00 per side.  A wide variety of standard dies are also available at greatly reduced prices.
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